Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Annamaria and LottieHow do I enrol? You can download a form on our Yoga Classes Page and send it in with a cheque, made payable to Yoga Stable. Please do not post cash.
  2. Can I drop in to a class? Yes - provided there are spaces in class, it is possible to drop in to try and pay as you go. If dropping-in to the first class of a new term – please give us a call beforehand to check we have space. Once term has started there is usually space to drop-in and try a class – just arrive 10 minutes before the class starts. Don’t forget to bring your Enrolment Form with you.
  3. Can I book a whole term? Multiple class, termly and annual booking discounts are available. See the Timetable for more information.
  4. I am on a low income – do you have concession rates? Yes. Yoga Stable and Still Stable Therapies are inclusive. We offer concession rates and operate a sliding scale of fees (depending on circumstances), so that better health and wellbeing are accessible to all. You can read more about this on our Community page.
  5. What happens if I miss classes? You can make them up, in advance or after, provided that you do so within the same term. Alternatively, you can give them to friends, or if either fails, release them to the universe peacefully.
  6. What do I need to wear? T-shirt and comfortable trousers, such as: jogging bottoms, leggings, shorts. It is preferable for teachers to see knees to help correct your poses better.
  7. Do I need to bring my own mat? All equipment (such as mats, bolsters, bricks and blankets) is provided, you just need to bring yourself.
  8. Can I eat before coming? We advise you do not eat anything for at least two hours before coming to feel the full benefits.
  9. Who teaches the classes? At Yoga Stable, training is taken very seriously. Only accredited teachers, who have undergone comprehensive training are permitted to teach our classes. Find out more about our Training or Meet our Teachers.
  10. Do you sell equipment? We do.
  11. What are your opening hours? We do not have reception as such, although Annamaria buzzes in and out all the time. The best way to get hold of us is to contact us via e-mail, or call the office and leave a message and someone will ring you back.
  12. I am stiff I cannot do yoga! Yoga is a very safe form of exercise and is ideal for improving suppleness, come along and try!
  13. I have health issues, I am scared I might injure myself! Yoga is very safe and can be of great benefit for people who have health issues, both physical and emotional. Everyone can try yoga as it can be adapted easily adapted to suit the individual and some of our teachers have qualified in Remedial Yoga to enable them to teach yoga for those with injuries or chronic medical conditions. Please inform your teacher beforehand, at the start of the class. Read about the Benefits of Yoga. Still unsure? Try a One-to-One session.
  14. Will I be the only man? You might, or might not, but you will surely enjoy the class regardless of that.

At Yoga Stable, we take our training very seriously. Only accredited teachers who have undergone comprehensive training are permitted to teach our classes. Meet our Teachers.

Our ethos can be found within the About Us section and if you are struggling financially, please refer to our Community page.

Yoga is intended to complement your relationship with your medical practitioner/s and consultant/s. If you suspect you may have a health problem, please see your GP and never disregard or delay seeking medical advice. Please inform your teacher beforehand, at the start of the class, if you have any health conditions.