Meet our Yoga Teachers

At Yoga Stable, we are honoured to work with such talented, qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers and therapists. Find out more about the comprehensive Training our teachers undergo or read on for each yoga teacher’s biography.

Annamaria Sacco, Yoga Stable Director

Annamaria SaccoAnnamaria started yoga in 1991 and holds a Junior Intermediate Level 3 Iyengar Yoga Certificate. She has studied with several senior and advanced Iyengar Yoga Tutors in India and France, as well as training with the Iyengar family in Pune. Annamaria undertakes annual professional development studies with Firooza Ali, one of India’s leading Iyengar Yoga teachers and a philosophy tutor.  Annamaria also completed a three year course looking at how to work remedially within the context of a general class, enabling her to accommodate students with injuries or chronic medical conditions within a class setting. Teaching some of the weekly Yoga Classes, she leads  Pregnancy Yoga , Baby Massage courses, Post Natal classes and is available for One-to-One consultations.

In addition to her professional Yoga work, Annamaria completed her foundation year in Core Process Psychotherapy with the Karuna Institute, Devon, in 2010. She has also been working with the biodynamic system of Craniosacral Therapy for many years and is a registered Craniosacral therapist (diploma in Cranio-Sacral Integration from  the College of Cranio Sacral Therapy in London). Other trainings involved diploma in Baby massage, completion of attendance to training in anatomy phisiology and pathology and Swedish Massage; trainings as facilitator in dance and movement.

Aside from Yoga, Annamaria is a 5 Rhythms dancer, loves writing, sings, adores theatre and poetry, walks in nature with her dog and is the mother of two wonderful children.

“With a life full of beauty and many challenges, had it not been for Yoga, I am certain I would not have had the resources to deal with it all. Yoga continues to give me awareness, peace, acceptance and the willingness to see the learning opportunity in whatever comes my way, however difficult it may be and be able to pass it on. My gratitude for this can hardly be put into words.”


Our Yoga Teachers (in alphabetical order)

Claudia Cotronei

Claudia CotroneiClaudia started yoga in 1987 and took her Introductory Certificate in 1992. She studied with international senior teachers and attended conventions with B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar. She attended classes with teachers visiting from India and Europe and took her Intermediate 3 Certificate in 2003. She has been teaching yoga and Italian in Edinburgh and Rome for the last 23 years.

"I moved from Rome to Edinburgh in the late 1980s and in many ways the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre became my adoptive home. There I found the friendly support and the warmth I was missing from Italy. I am very grateful to have met and studied there with so many talented and inspiring teachers.

At the time my English was not very good and I could not always understand what the teacher was saying. This meant that I simply had to “copy” the pose and find a way to make it look good, without any mental analysis distractions . Later, perhaps because of that, I developed the skill to communicate simply and effectively with my students. When I am told I am a “natural” teacher, I think students appreciate my awareness of other’s needs and the flexibility to adapt to individual abilities. I try to maintain a beginner’s mind and a warm approach when teaching and find I am always learning from my students.

I could hardly function without yoga and my lovely daughter Chiara, as they both give me roots , meaning and purpose of life."

"The progress will come only if one goes on practicing. If the practice is not there, stagnation sets in and we will be carried away by our intellect power- and at the moment there is intellectual power- it is nothing but ego cult.
So practice, practice, practice alone makes the intelligence to be humble"
BKS Iyengar


Kate Murdoch

Kate MurdochQualified in 2011 as an Iyengar yoga teacher (Beginners 2 Level). Kate's interest in yoga was first sparked as a teenager, reading a book her parents brought back from their honeymoon in India in the 60s. She began attending yoga classes in 2000 and her first class left the impression that she had been introduced to something very special.

“Ever since then its effect on my life has deepened. What began as a physical endeavour has become a way of life; a whole approach to life. It amazes me still that what starts out as ‘a stretch’ can lead to such a deep sense of being at home within yourself, to an acceptance of the here and now and an expanding belief in life.”

Following completion of a Hatha yoga instructor’s course in India, and teaching back home in Edinburgh, Kate began Iyengar yoga in 2006 to deepen her understanding of the precision in the asanas. As both a student of esteemed Iyengar tutors, and as a teacher herself, Kate is passionate about the process of learning. She is extremely grateful to Iyengar’s detailed approach, which has really helped Kate to understand the asanas - where to let go, where to maintain strength and how the different parts of the body are connected, such as the ripple effect of working in one area of the body, which in turn benefits the rest of the body.

“This exploration fascinates me, and the part which delights me the most is the sense of calm and wellbeing Iyengar Yoga has brought to my life.”


Silke Schneider

Silke SchneiderSilke began exploring yoga in her early thirties and soon discovered that Iyengar Yoga with its attention to detail, alignment and creating space and length was the one for her.

She has been a student of Annamaria Sacco at Yoga Stable since 2005 and holds an Iyengar Yoga Introductory Teacher certificate, having trained with Liz Ballantyne. Over the years she has been fortunate to be taught by Firooza Ali during retreats in Scotland and studied with Rajiv and Swati Chanchani at their Iyengar centre in Old Rajpur.

"Yoga is not just a set of poses you learn, repeat and move on; you keep re-visiting poses and discover a deeper awareness and consciousness over time.

The great thing about the teaching developed by BKS Iyengar is that props allow everyone to work in or towards a pose, experience the benefits and keep developing. You grow with your practice and while I started yoga with the aim to help me with some injuries and work related niggles, it soon became an integral part of my life.

I'd be delighted to start you off on your journey, whatever your reasons for joining a yoga class are."

At Yoga Stable, we take our training very seriously. Only accredited teachers who have undergone comprehensive training are permitted to teach our classes.

Our ethos can be found within the About Us section and if you are struggling financially, please refer to our Community page.

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