Yoga Stable and Therapies at Yoga Stable are inclusive.

Some of our practitioners offer concession rates or low income clinics so that better health and wellbeing are accessible to all.

We aim to support individuals both physically and mentally with respect to their needs, views and dignity as human beings, working towards better health and wellbeing for ALL.

We foster a community spirit through creating space to connect with others within the group settings of our Yoga Classes and workshops.

Many who have attended our Pregnancy and/or Mother & Baby TLC classes have found new friendships with those who are sharing a similar stage in life.

Our foundation is an open and welcoming environment, giving opportunity for better health, personal growth and a greater sense of inner peace and wellbeing through yoga practice, holistic therapies and healing.

With this in mind, we offer concession rates on yoga classes & workshops and a sliding scale of fees for a number of therapies, if you fall within the following criteria:

Fun in the story

At Yoga Stable,we take our training very seriously. Only accredited teachers who have undergone comprehensive training are permitted to teach our classes. Meet our Teachers.

Therapies at Yoga Stable

Within this ethos, Therapies at Yoga Stable has evolved to provide a range of holistic therapies and healing for people of all ages.

We support creative work in different forms, such as drama, dance, singing or writing - expressive art forms which enable us to explore our souls and open up to our potential inner joy. If your work falls within our ethos, we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us.