Yoga Stable was founded in 2005 by Annamaria Sacco.
Originally from Italy, Annamaria moved to Edinburgh in 1991 to complete her degree in English Literature, going on to an MA in Scottish Medieval Literature. Following a period of work-life balance that was weighed heavily on work, along with neck complications from a car crash with a bleak prognosis on her health, Annamaria turned to yoga and has never looked back!

Annamaria holds a Junior Intermediate Level 3 Iyengar Yoga Certificate. She has studied with several senior and advanced Iyengar Yoga teachers in India and France, and also with the Iyengar family in Pune. She will tell you that Yoga is so much more than stretching (asana). Yoga, meaning Union, aims to bring together the mind, body and spirit. In Iyengar Yoga there is a strong focus on the alignment of the physical body and by bringing together the asanas with other important elements, such as breath, focus and meditation, working towards better health and a more centred way of being. More about Iyengar Yoga. There is further information about Annamaria’s qualifications on our Teachers page.

Delighted to become a mother and greatly missing teaching, Annamaria gathered together with other new mothers to co-operatively share the rent of a hall, where she started to teach them yoga. This was the seed which would grow with the birth of her second child, branching into further teaching. And with the support of her family and friends, plus courage from her yoga practice, Yoga Stable was born.

“With a life full of beauty and many challenges, had it not been for Yoga, I am certain I would not have had the resources to deal with it all. Yoga continues to give me awareness, peace, acceptance and the willingness to see the learning opportunity in whatever comes my way, however difficult it may be and be able to pass it on. My gratitude for this can hardly be put into words.”

Annamaria teaches some of our Yoga Classes alongside a group of experienced tutors. She feels blessed to work with such talented, knowledgeable and inspiring Teachers and Therapists.